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Take Control of Food Cravings!

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Control Food Cravings

What is a craving food? A craving food is a food you eat even though you're not hungry, or a food you continue to eat even though you're full. A food you have a craving for that you eat in secret, or would go buy in the middle of the night if it wasn't in the house. It's a food that's keeping you from reaching your goal weight. In this 30-minute downloadable recording, I'm going to help you control food cravings.

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Customer Reviews

Tony Longobardi, the Hypnotist with the Most Relaxing Voice

"Tony, you have a relaxing voice tone and the ability to describe colors and the journey is nice to follow."
Diane S. -Pottstown, PA

"Very good, voice was very calming."
Joseph K. -Phoenixville, PA

"Tony has a voice perfect for hypnosis."
Roy R. -Sicklerville, N.J.

Client Success Testimonials

"Hi Tony, I was amazed that the very next day I was not as hungry as I had been in the past. The suggestion that I was in charge has really helped. I have not had the desire for orange creamsicle ice cream at all! Thank you very much."
Phyllis S. - Spring City, PA *

"Hi Tony, I'm doing great. I haven't touched chocolate since the session. Thanks again."
Peg B. - Mont Clare, PA *

*Results vary from person to person